Sunday, 6 November 2011

Writing in cut-ups

I've been researching more into cut-ups recently, and I've found some interesting quotations and statements on the subject. I'm really getting into it.
To help my research, and to experiment more with the cut-up process, I've written a much longer piece than I normally would, just for experimentation. The poetry I use in the paintings is quite short, for practical reasons, so this gave me a chance to try something a bit different. It started with two A4 pages, writing in a stream of consciousness about various different matters, including moving from Finland, and going back for a holiday. Therefore it definitely isn't as focussed as the poetry I write for the paintings are. I'm undecided on whether that's a good or bad thing.
I like how this one repeats words a lot - I like the rhythm of this and the way it flows. The results are always so unpredictable because it's completely random. Another thing I like about cut-ups generally, and which has really worked here, is how some phrases almost make sense, but not quite. The results can be quite beautiful. I'm thinking that another fun idea could be to make a cut-up, rewrite that on paper as a block of text, rather than in poetry format, then cut it up again, just to see what happens. Of course, that idea could go on and on forever. It could be a solution for my work when I'm not satisfied with the results and want to try again.Below is what I came up with after cutting it up.

For me.
Today at the moment.
Planning to visit again in February.
In the summer I was so money, but doing something more would make appreciate London more.
I'm I hope I won't be very sad when I leave, but I I don't have walking home from work one morning, it was
Expect I will be.
However, winter was when I realised how much I I wonder what I worry that it to pass.
Taking some time away certainly made me however, it was very new it was beautiful.
Reflected the weather.
Motivated to work because I want the time will be the same this time.
Many of so glad I stayed there.
Actually do things.
I was in a lot of pain.
I have people to spend time with in is that I can now enjoy it on my own terms.
I'm so pleased that I'm going to Finland it was horrible to leave the I shouldn't spend too much
I miss seeing the good time.
Terms of having work and something fulfilling to next month!
Dull since I came back to London.
It was when I was loved Turku and Finland.
I'm really excited about my holiday.
More of an effort to sort things out, and happy and having fun.
Countryside, with the trees and snow.
My friends have moved away now, and it's also I'll be leaving more and more, I miss Finland.
Older friends more often.
Winter looked was so unique.
I hope he maybe the difference after all, but then I do have a lot of work city and my friends last time.
No coming in and out of Turku.
Restrictions are placed on me anymore.
By quickly, but also that I have enough
The house, but it would be nice to see my weekends have been quite winter was dark, cold, and it's Sunday today.
Time to get on with all my work.
The summer was wonderful, but the way much of a social life at the moment.
Maybe I was happier in Finland.
This time hasn't gone so slowly I've started to really miss it.
I hope the time goes certainly not in I miss the maybe I'm more me a lot happier.
Once we get to February, most of this year will I should probably make depressing.
Manages to save enough money for that.
Be over, which is exciting.
I never thought I'd miss Finnish winter.
Do, but I made so many friends and had a Jaakko behind once again, although he is
Sunny and snowy, and I could see the traffic it will be like when I got back in December.
It's funny that my situation and emotions.


  1. Winter this year in Finland is totally different from last year, when you were here. We don´t even have snow yet, and still around +5 degrees or more during the days. And it´s almost December! Pretty funny how it changes from year to year :) But it´s not the same christmas feeling without snow, hopefully we´ll get at least something before christmas..

  2. Yes I heard, I know from my blog that by now it had been snowing solidly for a couple of weeks last year. It's been warmer than usual in this country too, but it's getting colder now. I'll be back in one months time, and I'm sure the snow and cold temperatures will come just for me...

  3. Yup, we´ll probably get loads of snow just days before you arrive :D Anyway, welcome back! Even though it´s only for a holiday :)