Sunday, 9 December 2012


I'm really busy at the moment, finishing off work and preparing for the exhibition next month, which opens on the 11th. I've spent so much time recently planning the exhibition, and promoting it, that it's very refreshing to actually be making art today. Yeliz and I are both really happy with how our preparations are going, and we're really looking forward to the start of the show.
Today I'm working on the final piece to be exhibited. Due to the use of natural weathering in my current work I'm hoping that the work will be completed in time. For full details of the exhibition and private view please see here.

Further to the show, this week I was offered a second artist's residency, this time in Slovenia. I was very surprised to have been accepted onto both of the residencies I applied for, but unfortunately I had to decline this offer as I've already committed to the Icelandic residency. I think the opportunity in Iceland is more interesting anyway, as it's a longer period, and also has the advantage of being later in the year, giving me longer to save money.
I feel like everything is taking off at the moment, and I'm really excited to see what else happens in the new year.