Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Current things

I've been a bit quiet lately because I've had so much to do, but I'm still alive, and have a couple of plans at the moment. I'm exhibiting at Art Splash at Trispace Gallery on 30th May. It feels like a while since I've exhibited, even though it's not really long at all, and I'm looking forward to this show. I haven't yet started thinking about what I'll actually exhibit, but I'll get to that soon. I think it'll be an interesting event, with music and art.

The above is a collage, made this afternoon, for Art House Co-op's 5 minute challenge. It was made with materials found around my home, and I think that it sums me up quite accurately. I like it, and I think it's a good reminder of what it's possible to do in only five minutes. I think that sometimes doing a piece of work that is completely unrelated to my general practice can be really useful, and just enjoyable rather than something done for a specific purpose.

Recently I've been working on some writing rather than actually making art. I'm working on more cut ups, this time inspired by being able to see into the windows of so many of my neighbours. I hope to eventually work on some book art making use of these texts.

Next month I'm also going away to a few places in Europe for a couple of weeks, and I hope that this opportunity to see art in several countries and have some time to relax will inspire me. At the moment I have ideas for a lot of different pieces of work, and need to focus a bit more.