I'm an English fine artist, recently moved to Stockholm. I specialise in portraiture, and often work in mixed media. Currently I'm into using natural weathering on finished paintings, as a synonym for the individual being weathered and damaged by their life experiences.
I always work with images of people I know, and usually am close to, or with self-portraiture. I find the idea of painting a generic figure to be quite cold. I prefer having a connection to my work. For the past few years I've been considering how to express the nature of my relationship with the subject, and have experimented with using text to do this.
I came back to England in 2011 after living in Finland, and I initially made work about people I know in Finland. Having exhausted the theme of my experience abroad, I am now looking more into self-examination, and the effects of experience.
Embroidery has become increasingly important to me, and I am now creating exclusively fibre based work as well as painting mixed media portraits. I embroider everything by hand, and purposely aim for a rough, non-uniform look, which has lead to the term "punk embroidery." I believe this style brings a real sense of humanity and character to what I do.
I'm also writing a book, and in September 2013 I undertook a residency in Iceland in order to further explore naturally weathering the canvas. I moved to Stockholm in August 2014.
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