Monday, 28 November 2011

Pushing it

I realise that my work could be considered to be formulaic, as I have quite a systematical approach to the work I'm currently doing. I don't want things to get boring, or have all the pieces looking too similar, so I'm trying to push one element each time I work, meaning that each painting has more individuality.
In the piece I was working on last week, I used more embroidery than I have in others. In my next piece I'm thinking of adding a continuous line drawing made with wool, as an extra layer between the background and the painted face. Today I was painting a new work, and rather than layering one drawing and one block of text over the painted motif, I repeated each layer twice. Below is a photo of the piece so far. I still need to embroider the canvas to bring the face back through, as the marker pen layers dominate it.

That being said, I'm happy with this so far. I'm actually quite impressed with what I accomplished today. I really wasn't feeling in the mood, but one of my friends suggested that I just get started and see how it goes. I ended up finishing the bulk of the painting. The background was the only part I'd already done, and all that's left now is the embroidery layer.

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