Friday, 6 September 2013

A new idea

I'm really pleased that I've only been here for a couple of days, but already I've had a new idea for the work.
When  working in London, the paintings were only ever left on my own property, meaning that the chances of someone actually stealing the work were negligible. I've walked around the village this morning to check on the progress of the paper pieces, and two have disappeared. Whether they were deliberately taken or were blown away by the wind is anyone's guess, but it got me thinking that, although I can tolerate that with the paper works, I really don't want the canvas paintings to disappear. As I'm due to start working on the first portrait today, this is really something that I need to resolve.
It's obviously essential to securely fasten the canvas wherever I place it to prevent it from being blown away, and that is easily done. Preventing the work being deliberately taken or moved is more of an issue. I could leave the works in the immediate vicinity of my home and studio, but that will limit the results I have. I cannot really stop anyone from taking them, but maybe they'd think twice if they knew why the work was there.
So I've concluded a good way to deal with this may be to attach a note to the back of the painting somehow, explaining who I am, what I'm doing, and inviting people to contact me if they do decide to take the work. If anyone did contact me I could offer to let them keep it if they let me finish the work.
I feel that this idea kind of works, as my practice has often been concerned with relationships, and still is, as I use images of people I know to paint from. Being open and dealing with the issue in this way could potentially form new relationships with people in Skagastrond, and means that my work is influenced by the people who live here, as well as the town and the environment.

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