Saturday, 5 January 2013

Upcoming projects

Lots happening at the moment, both positive and negative.

Sadly our exhibition has been postponed, due to the gallery shutting down. It's really unfortunate but we've found a new location, and are expecting to hold the show in February instead. More details to come.
The much more positive, and exciting, thing is that I've now confirmed my place at Nes Artist Residency in Iceland, starting in September. The more I think about and plan this, the more exciting it becomes. I'm really pleased to be going there, and I hope that it will be very beneficial for my work and career.
In terms of my work, I'm going to experiment with a slightly new direction, and at least pushing back the exhibition gives me a chance to do so immediately. Rather than allowing my work to become weathered naturally I'm planning to experiment with throwing my canvas around and forcibly damaging it. This fits with the theme of being weathered by life experiences, but makes reference more to the effect that other individuals have upon you, and the direct impact of their behaviour and treatment to the self. I'm going to try this with my next piece, which should be exhibited alongside the two naturally weathered canvasses. As I'm planning to work with the natural weathering concept when I'm working in Iceland I think it's a positive to try other ideas out in the meantime, in order to keep this idea fresh and interesting to me.

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