Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Cut-ups are a form of writing which takes a simple paragraph of prose, cuts it up, and rearranges it. William Burroughs popularised the method by using it to write poetry and other texts.
There are many ways to divide up the prose, such as separating every word, or simply cutting the whole page into quarters and rearranging the four pieces. I choose to cut out the lines, and sentences within the lines. I have written the first poem I want to use, which is shown below. I have not included the original text as it was quite boring. Cutting it up improved it. This poem was my second attempt. The first seemed too nonsensical and the sentiment wasn't clear at all. In the second attempt I wrote more about Emmi's personality and characteristics, which seemed to improve the result.

Our personalities clicked instantly.
She makes me laugh time in Finland would have been best friends.
We talk for we can talk about life without her.
Now I consider her one of my anything.
Planning to move to England.
Can trust her and rely on her.
A friend I have such a good connection with.
Kauppahalli, and went for coffee.
She is a loyal, supportive I know I much harder.
I cannot imagine my constantly.
She wanted an English friend.
I met Emmi because she was of time together.
Never lets me down.
Without her, my we first met outside Turun we spent a lot
Is a very caring person, and she she helped me
So much; I'm very grateful.
I feel very lucky to have made

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  1. A few tears just appeared in Rustington, love you girl and looking forward to seeing you again x